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Poker Dice for Macintosh OSX and Windows

Poker Dice Screenshot

Thumbs Up! Killer Dice blessed as one of ChezMark's MacPicks! From ChezMark: "Here are some of the best or most interesting additions to the InfoMac Shareware Archives for the week of October 19-25, 1998, and given an honorable mention again for the week of April 17-23, 2000. Killer Dice... It's not just 'Yahtzee' -- it's Yahtzee with inspirational messages! Roll, pick, and score your dice combinations to beat your competitors. Includes automated rolling of the die and addition. Inexplicably gives you positive meditations at the end of the game."

Poker Dice is a hybrid five dice/standard poker game available for Mac OSX, OSX Leopard, and most Windows systems including Vista. Poker Dice is a rewrite of Killer Dice, which was chosen as a ChezMark Mac Pick twice. Poker Dice received a 4 cow rating from Tucows, and a five star rating from Paul's Picks.

For those who love Yahtzee, Poker Dice is a cross between poker and the traditional 5-dice games. Like a poker game, Poker Dice gives points for two pairs and various types of flushes as the dice have both numbers and suits. Where a real casino poker game would be dipping their fingers into your poker pot, Poker Dice just offers some dice-rolling fun.

Here's a bit of trivia on how casinos profit from their poker games. Casino poker games profit the casinos in four ways: the rake, tournament entry fees, side bets, and earning interest on player deposits. The rake can be anywhere from 5-10% of the poker pot. Sometimes instead of a percentage the casino will collect a table charge known as a "timed rake" where you pay a fee for the time you play. Timed rakes are usually reserved for higher stake Poker games. Online poker players can check their rake with a rakeback calculator.

Poker Dice variations include:

  • Traditional
  • Down the Line
  • Wild Cards
  • Roll for Par
  • Early Bird
  • Face Off
  • Acey Deucey
  • Hearts
  • Lots of Zingers

Down the Line is a tough nut to crack, as you must score each category in order, Aces, then Twos, then Threes, right down the line. Wild Cards includes wild cards if you are lucky enough to get one (or more); you set the number and suit. Each roll offers new chances at more wild cards. Lots of Zingers allows you to score Zingers over and over again in the same game, each additional Zinger giving you a free extra turn, even in multiplayer games. Roll for Par offers a golf lover's twist on the game... the person with the LOWEST score wins. Scoring in Roll for Par is the number of rolls it takes to fulfill all the categories. Acey Deucey offers a special bonus for any roll that includes a one and two. And the other variations offer their own unique spins to our Poker Dice game.

High scores bring out Madame Murghi the fortune teller to tell your fortune. Over 1000 fortunes are stuffed into the game: happy fortunes, sour-pussed fortunes, hippie fortunes, and prophetic fortunes from the Madame's crystal ball. For those of you who loved Killer Dice, this is the logical sequel, with several variations and added categories to score in, and the introduction of Madame Murghi the fortune teller in all her wicked glory.

And to bid you farewell, the game offers happy tidings as you leave. The farewell tidings are fully editable. You can delete, edit, and add to them for your own pleasures.

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Poker Dice Fortune Screenshot

About Gypsy King Software:

Gypsy King Software, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Sharon Delarose, produces shareware games for the Macintosh and Windows. Our shareware games often feature gypsies and fortune tellers, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Poker Dice. Snuggled around our feet is the company mascot Dakota, who spurred us to write many a dog tale. We rescued her from the dog pound and she turned our world upside down.

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